Temple Mountain - Temple, Sharon and Peterborough, NH

(elevation Holt Peak 2048 ft.)

Temple Mt. State Reservation Projects proposals

These photos are to illustrate two possible improvements at the Temple Mountain State Reservation.

The first project is to mark and clear a short trail to the headwall outlook on the old Currier ski trail. This is perhaps the best view at the State Reservation. It has the potential to be a destination hike in the reservation with a large level viewing  area suitable for benches and picnic tables. This is also one of the easiest views to maintain due to the steep slope at the viewing area. This is important as many of the old ski slopes are quickly growing in.

The second project would provide a shortcut trail from the entrance parking lot to the Wapack Trail. It would intersect the trail just above the garage on the cell tower road. The route is already clear. It just needs signs and posts to mark the way.

Rick Blanchette, Trails Committee Chairman, Friends of the Wapack, Inc.

Project 1 - Access trail to Currier Outlook (headwall on the old Currier ski trail)

Looking North from the Currier Outlook to Pack Monadnock. Temple Mountain State Reservation entrance and the snow making pond can be seen below. The brush in the foreground is growing on the face of the headwall and can be cut with bow saws and loppers. This view will be easy to maintain going forward. 



View North East from the Currier Outlook.


View North West from the Currier Outlook


Shortest route to the Currier Outlook from the cell tower road/Wapack Trail. This view is from the road looking down the Currier Trail. The outlook is at the opening on the right. The route is all ledge down to the birch trees right of center.


We'll need to cut through these weeds to get to the outlook The weeds were 5 feet high when I visited the site on 8/23/08. A tread way is needed that will not be overwhelmed by the vigorous weeds. The outlook is at the opening on the left.


Part of the flat open ledge viewing area on top of the headwall at the Currier Trail outlook. This is a large level area suitable for benches or picnic tables.



Project 2 - Shortcut trail from Temple Mt. State Reservation entrance parking lot to Wapack Trail  
Lower section of proposed shortcut trail. The route is all clear today. It just needs signs and signposts.  

Upper section of the proposed shortcut trail. This view is looking down the trail from above the garage on the cell tower access road/Wapack Trail.


Ski trail maps from old Temple Mountain Ski Area brochures. The first is from the 1980s. The second is from the last year of operation for the ski area. The Currier Outlook is on the Currier Trail, just below Windy Corner.  







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