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Friends of the Wapack, Inc.

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Property owners along the Wapack Trail have permitted hiking access through their lands since the trail was founded in 1923 by Marion Davis and Frank Robbins . The need for preserving public access and maintaining the trail prompted the formation of the Friends of the Wapack.

Founded in 1980, the Friends of the Wapack, Inc., is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the maintenance and preservation in perpetuity of the Wapack Trail and associated side trails, as well as preservation of public access to these trails and public education about them. The Friends of the Wapack is an all-volunteer organization.

Since its formation the Friends of the Wapack (FoW) has performed major trail upgrades, a trail guide and map have been published and a management plan has been developed. Volunteer Section Captains maintain specific portions of the trail. Each winter wind, snow and ice down trees. Each spring, volunteers clear sections and periodically repaint the blazes. Weekend work parties take on more difficult projects such as brush clearing, erosion control and occasional trail relocation. The FoW has also sponsored trail maintenance workshops with Trailwrights Inc., and the Appalachian Mountain Club.

Permanent protection of the Wapack Trail is a major goal of the organization. The guiding philosophy of the Friends of the Wapack for trail protection is based on the example of Wapack Trail founders, Frank Robbins and Marion Davis, of partnering with property owners, both public and private, to protect the trails. Thanks to our efforts and those of property owners, local conservation organizations, and state and federal agencies, much of the trail has been protected. But much still needs to be done.

The Friends publish the Guide to the Wapack Trail as well as the Voice of the Wapack newsletter in both hard copy and email versions and a trail map. To sign up for the email newsletter visit our Join page . Back issues of the hard-copy version of the newsletter may be viewed on the Newsletter page. Our trail guide and other merchandize may be ordred on line on our General Store page. Sales of the trail guide and the trail map and other merchandize help fund our mission to maintain and protect the Wapack Trail.

The Friends of the Wapack, Inc. is recognized as a charitable corporation under Section 501(c)(3) of the US IRS code. All contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Contact the Friends online or by mail.

The Friends of the Wapack, Inc.
P.O. Box 115
West Peterborough NH 03468
wapack.org / info@wapack.org.

Friends of the Wapack, Inc. Board Members FY2016


  • Rick Blanchette, President - New Ipswich, NH
  • Dwight Horan, Vice President - Ashby, MA
  • Lee Baker, Secretary - Hancock, NH,
  • Bruce Myrick, Treasurer - Keene, NH

Standing Committee Chairs:

  • Lee Baker, Trips - Hancock, NH
  • Rick Blanchette, Trails - New Ipswich, NH
  • Rick Blanchette, Newsletter - New Ipswich, NH
  • Mitch Call, Ways & Means - Sharon, NH
  • Mike Przybyla, Right-of-Way & Management - New Ipswich, NH


  • Tom Brumaghim - New Ipswich, NH
  • Ray Jackson - Townsend, MA
  • Ollie Mutch - Ashby, MA
  • Bob Saari - Merrimack, NH
  • Sherisa Sterling - Ashburnham, MA

Archivist: Jeannette Baker
Membership Coordinator: Mitch Call
Trail Master: Mike Przybyla
Web Master: Jon McInerney

Section Captains:

Section Captains have adopted a section of the Wapack Trail or one of the side trails maintained by the Friends. They perform much of the basic trail maintenance. Here they are, listed North to South by adopted section/trail.

  • Neil Faiman and Lynne Pentler
  • Glenn Lloyd
  • Paul Batts
  • John and Lise Bigl
  • Bob Saari
  • Casey Burrage
  • John Hills
  • Tom Brumaghim
  • Scout Master Sean McInerney & the New Ipswich Boy Scouts
  • Sarah Buckley
  • Don & Lois Ray
  • Rick Blanchette
  • Norm Sheppard
  • Scout Master John Varney & the Ashby Boy Scouts
  • Mike Przybyla
  • Steve Dyke
  • Sherisa Sterling